Hibiscus I have been enjoying yoga classes with Meredith for over 10 years and imagine I will continue for another 10 too. She has a wealth of experience and a keen eye for checking every one of us in the class are holding poses correctly. The individual attention she gives is something I value as she will always check how I am and if I have any specific needs that day. She then responds to my needs by offering an alternative pose to support my particular situation ie if I am feeling exhausted she will give me a restorative pose while others may be given a dynamic pose. I appreciate the little extras offered by Meredith such as the current astrological influences for the week too. I am grateful for your classes and my health that follows.  Nicci T, Cootharaba

I began yoga because I was looking for an exercise that would help maintain a healthy mind as well as body…and something that I can continue to incorporate into my life as I get older. I have experienced increased flexibility and strength, relaxation and a general feeling of well being. I’ve also benefited from learning breathing techniques applied to meditation and relaxation. The things that I enjoy about Meredith’s classes are; her warm, friendly personality and high level of expertise, her attention to detail, and correct positioning in poses. The classes are personal, in a relaxed pleasant environment. I always feel better for doing it. Wendy B, Pomona

I joined a class for an enjoyable activity, to maintain supple joints and ligaments, I feel an inch longer once a week. A peaceful and enjoyable 90 minutes each week. Feeling beautifully open and relaxed for the rest of the day, knowing and feeling that not one area of my body has been stressed. Meredith talks us through each stretch, twist and movement, keeping us mindful of balance, breath and body alignment – I love it. Rikki C, Boreen Point

I enjoy Yoga and appreciate being able to progressively improve flexibility and health. It is also my personal time out which we all need on a regular basis. I have enjoyed increased flexibility, improved core strength, improved breathing techniques, improved health plus I can do Yoga anywhere without requiring any fitness equipment. The latter is important if I am feeling stressed, traveling or simply want time out. A fun and friendly group to work with and the number of attendees make it more interesting. Meredith watches everything that goes on and makes sure no one injures themselves while also assisting to get the most effort from everyone. Anyone with issues such as sore joints is catered for to avoid further damage to joints. The studio is bright and airy and Meredith provides all the equipment needed to participate. Wayne D, Cootharaba Downs

I started yoga in 2011 on the strong recommendation of a friend and even though it was a hike from Noosaville to Boreen Point, I was hooked from the first session. 53 years old, unfit from too many years in front of a computer and concrete grade hamstrings and lower back, the aim of starting yoga was to improve my general flexibility and strength. Not only did Meredith manage over time to stretch what I thought to be unstretchable muscles and joints, her classes also led to an improved ability to relax and “be present”, to remember to stop holding my breath and let my shoulders drop, as well as strengthen core upper and lower body. The confidence to attempt stretches and postures I previously felt were impossible for me was a wonderful side benefit. Attending twice weekly, with several months out for travel it has been interesting to see the lasting effects of the yoga. I only wish I had found out about the benefits of yoga and committed to the practice of it earlier in my life. The classes are never repetitive and Meredith adjusts them to concentrate on different parts of the body, to graduate from stretches and holds in preparation for stronger postures. The most noteworthy skill of Meredith as a yoga teacher is her incredible awareness of correct positioning during the different yoga postures. With smaller and more intimate classes Meredith is able to move about the room and make small adjustments to the turn of your arm or position of your foot or lower back to make the movement into and hold of a position easier and safer to hold. As a retired physiotherapist, this is the aspect of Meredith’s classes that I am so impressed by. Robbie D, Noosaville

Why I started yoga was to become more flexible and physically stronger. The main benefits that I have gained by doing yoga are being more aware of my body, the movements and being able to focus on what I am doing. The method in which Meredith teaches is very professional with that added personal touch. She will guide and advise students through each asana making sure that they are doing it correctly giving individual attention when any adjustment is needed. Denise H, Cootharaba