Pisces = Feet

The sun has moved into the sign of Pisces today and the correlated body part is the foot.  The feet represent our groundedness, our connection with the earth and our direction in life.  Different areas of the foot correspond with balance, support, regulation and control.  Our stability is evident in our feet and the way we stand; how we walk and move reflects our spiritual and physical direction.

If the feet are flat we may be skating along the surface of life.   Clutching toes and feet can represent an overdeveloped need to hold on and keep things under control.  Weight-bearing in the heels can indicate an individual with an exaggerated feeling of determination, which is often accompanied by a false sense of stability.  Tiptoeing can indicate a person who is not grounded, often a highly imaginative dreamer.

In Yoga the feet are the foundation for the majority of the asanas.  All standing postures are aligned from the ground up; accurate positioning and weight distribution are vital for a healthy practice.  When standing in Tadasana the big toes are touching and the heels are slightly apart.  The outside edges of the feet are parallel, this may feel pigeon-toed but is the correct positioning to align the legs.  Feel the weight in the four corners of the feet….as much into the inner as the outer foot, as well as the front and the back of the feet.  Creating a firm foundation with the feet gives you a safe launching place to fly with your practice.

Pisces Themes

Whilst the sun moves through Pisces you may notice the influence of the planet Neptune in your life.  A deepening of sensitivity to emotions, a great time to dream and connect with your spirituality, make art, poetry and music.  On the down side you may see the low road of addictions, depression, escapism and denial come up.  The challenge here is to develop emotional intelligence at a personal and global level.  Dream big, but stay grounded, feet firmly planted on terra firma.

Feet First Practice

Here is a short 10 minute practice to awaken and enliven your feet.  Fabulous to use before balancing postures or just on it’s own.


Sitting in Virasana on a block with the feet on either side.  Your knees should not be splayed and the feet should be in line with the rest of the leg.  Make the block higher if the knees or feet are under too much pressure to spend 1-3 minutes comfortably.  This position spreads the bones in the feet; returning the natural arches and improving the circulation.  Slowly release from the pose, notice how grounded the feet feel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next “this little piggy went to market”……Support the foot with one hand and taking hold of the big toe, make 3 complete circles in one direction, then 3 complete circles in the opposite direction.  Continue to rotate all the rest of the toes in the same manner.

Place both hands on top of the foot and push down from the roots of and including the toes towards the floor.

Then place both the hands under the foot and draw the toes upwards towards you.  Repeat this sequence for the other foot.

Interlocked fingers to Toes

Lastly use your left hand and interlock the fingers between the toes of the right foot. Then clasp the hand to the foot and move them backwards and forwards to stretch the toes. Release the lock and swap over to do the left foot.

Yay, happy yoga toes, your feet will feel rejuvenated, alive and free. Ready for a totally grounded practice.