Handstand Lake Mungo

Handstand at Lake Mungo National Park 1986, photo by Robin Callander.

My earliest memories of Yoga are curiously watching my Aunt stretching and standing on her head.  Then I seem to remember being entertained by Gomez from the Adam’s Family performing some crazy moves on television.  I’m blessed to have been offered Yoga as an elective when at school in the 70′s….a seed was planted.

Occasional classes ebbed and flowed whilst I worked in my family’s Health Food store, traveled Australia and studied Art and Craft Teaching at Melbourne University.  In 1982, I became a committed student when I discovered  Yoga provided steady relief from a whiplash injury; and my practice became a wonderful maintenance  system that worked for me on all levels.

Over the next twenty years I have had many amazing teachers;  Michel Besnard, Peter and Sue Scott, Krissy Tanner, Wendy Sugars,  Adam Bornstein and Rev. Jahne Hope-Williams…….each bringing a unique flavour and perspective to the evolution of my Yoga journey.

The foundation of my teaching is  grounded in the traditional alignment methods of BKS Iyengar, using the support of props when needed.