Yoga is Harmonious Connection

Connect with Self

The principal aim of practicing Yoga is to connect you with your inner being.  The breath is the meeting place between of the external world with your inner world; the link between the body, mind and spirit.  When practicing Yoga we must keep the breath flowing; inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils at all times.

Just for a few moments, whilst sitting comfortably, place your hands on either side of your ribcage and and close your eyes.  Observe your breathing, lengthen your inhalation and your exhalation, listen carefully and feel the sensations of the subtle flow of air and energy. Notice whether your ribcage and abdomen are expanding and contracting.  Release judgement, observe and accept the beauty of the present moment.  An inner sense of calm will emerge.  This is your birthright.  Use your awareness to bring yourself to your centre at anytime that you feel the need.