Meredith Doddrell has been a dedicated practitioner of Yoga since 1982, and has been teaching and meditating since 2000.  She is a fully registered and certified instructor with the Australasian Yoga Institute, has a Bachelor of Education and Diplomas from the Ashish Institute of Pranic Healing and in Australian Bush Flower Remedies.

Meredith teaches with an emphasis on optimal body alignment; grounded in a thorough knowledge of posture.  Professional progressive instruction with the support of yoga props, provides a supportive, non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere.  Yoga Therapy enables students with injuries or illness to create a path of personal healing that suits their individual needs.

A life long interest in Astrology has led Meredith to co-ordinate her teaching of Yoga with the seasonal and planetary cycles.  She also incorporates the Zodiacal system of body correlations; in order to harness the healing energies of the prevailing skies within the yoga practices.

Meredith studied Art at University and spent five years in Life Drawing classes which has given her an eagle eye when it comes to alignment of the body and accurate adjustments. When she is not teaching or practicing Yoga; she loves to create art, photography and gardening.  She currently contributes the Yoga page for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine.