Printmaking for the Floating Land event.

In June 2013 the local Cootharaba artists held an exhibition in the Sailing club during the Floating Land Event at Boreen Point, SEQld.  It was a fantastic experience working as a group bringing together a broad range of talent.  I used photography and printmaking with my aim being to combine my yoga and artistic practices.  These images were made by rolling ink onto a sheet of glass; then placing a sheet of paper over the ink and drawing onto the back to produce a one off print.

Padmasana - Lotus

Lotus – Padmasana

Cobra - Bhujangasana

Cobra – Bhujangasana

Peacock - Pincha Mayurasana

Peacock – Pincha Mayurasana

Cow - Gomukhasana

Cow – Gomukhasana