10 Reasons to have a Private Yoga Lesson

Photo created by Lynton Eames

Photo created by Lynton Eames

  • There is no class time to suit your schedule.
  • There are no Beginner Classes and you’re not sure of the basics.
  • You have specific therapeutic needs.
  • You want to be able to ask questions without interrupting a class.
  • You don’t want to be distracted by other peoples questions.
  • You want to integrate and develop a home practice that will work for your individual needs.
  • You have an injury that requires special support.
  • You want to learn more about specific Yoga practices that may not be covered in a group class.
  • You want a class that can accommodate the way you are feeling on the day.
  • It’s all about you, and you deserve it……!

Traditionally Yoga was taught one on one.  Every body is unique and has specific individual requirements.  If you are really keen on learning and integrating Yoga into your life, a private lesson actually makes a lot of sense.  Having personal instruction as a beginner, means you will learn accurate postures from the start, helping you to build a better foundation for your practice.  It can also aid in developing alertness and awareness on how to move and position your body effectively and safely.

A customised class is designed to best address your specific goals and needs, with consideration of your body.  Often props and modifications may be introduced to support and help you gain access to a pose.

Whether you seek privacy or convenience, practical focus or support, a private class may be the perfect solution.  Meredith teaches private lessons at the studio or alternative locations by appointment. (within 15km of Noosa Heads)  A class lasts approximately 70 minutes, and from $45…..it’s great value.  Please feel free to contact me with your inquiries and discover how yoga can enhance your way of being.